Light Unseen

In Light Unseen - his first public exhibition - Kristian Laemmle-Ruff ventures into the realm of night landscapes. Cameras have traditionally been employed as a tool for depicting reality; an accurate record of time and place. This work suggests that the real is not necessarily captured in  an instant.

“The world is not static; therefore my photography shouldn’t be. I want my camera to reveal what is invisible to the naked eye.”

Long time exposures were key, allowing expression of visual memory. One is not looking at a particular moment frozen still and unchanging, instead the images invite one into a seamless spectrum of movement in time, where the orbiting heavens, waxing and waning tides, and drifting clouds bring us closer to a deeper reality. The dramatic coastalscapes of Victoria and Tasmania at night - where earth, water and sky meet, provide a wonderful place to explore this idea of Light Unseen.

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