'Cuba' is an intimate vision of a unique cultural and social landscape. Having been in a 1950s time warp, the communist island is now changing. Tensions between younger and older generations are growing as pressure from capitalism builds. The change has been slow but is now accelerating with the weakening US embargo.

“This shift is what drew me to Cuba.
I photographed to better understand.
The camera dangled beside my waist as I hit the shutter. By shooting blindly I was able
to remain relatively unobtrusive and gain a closer perspective of every day life.”

Laemmle-Ruff’s reoccurring compositional imbalance serves as a way to disorientate viewers - alluding to Cuba's relationship with the outside world. Analogous to Leon Levinstein's fragmented New York photographs, 'Cuba' presents a collection of vignettes, photo by photo building a more complete mosaic.

These spontaneous and informal representations celebrate the Cuban way of life - documenting interactions and exchanges between its people; the vibrant streetscapes flourishing with commotion and life.  Cuba's independence and its philosophy of revolution are now in the hands of a new generation.

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